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Abby Adams and Rusty Moore, a recently retired couple and parents of two grown children (Jodee and Jonathan), have chosen to leave their traditional life in Bellevue, Washington, U.S.A. behind and spend the next year traveling around South America.

Ever since leaving graduate school at the University of Oregon, we’ve wanted to experience living overseas. However, careers and family responsibilities have kept us anchored in the awesome northwest.

Now,  starting with selling our home of 25 years and paring our belongings down to all fit into a 10’x20′ storage locker, it’s our turn to launch our quest to learn Spanish, travel to exotic places, and befriend folks from foreign cultures.

Salud y hasta la vista!


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  1. Peggy Paulson said:

    Dear Abby and Rusty,

    Happy New Year! Just wanted you to know that I am thoroughly enjoying your blog: photos and essays! Sooooo well-written, I feel like I am right there with you! Thank you so much for doing this. I now check your blog daily for updates and am disappointed when there is no new entry. What a great adventure! Looking forward to your return, when you are ready to return, and for a complete slide show of ALL the photos!

    Please remember our B & B is always ready for you.

    Much love and appreciation for what you are doing,
    Peggy P

  2. Peggy Paulson said:

    Abby and Rusty,

    Saw that Jodee will be doing the Fremont Festival, mid-June. Richard and I will have a booth there, too. We will look for Jodee. We won’t know until June 4th the exact location of our booth, but what I requested was the Fremont block in the area of North 34th between Evanston and Fremont Ave. Although not as exciting as Brazil, we are certainly learning a lot about festivals and shows, the culture of festivals, the specifics about how to do outdoor booths so that they are safe and secure, and which ones are to be returned to and which ones to let go of!

    We are both enjoying your trip through your blog. You both have such different writing styles–it’s a delight to follow your trip through your descriptions and your pictures!

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us,
    Peggy and Richard

  3. Hi, It is fun to read. and enjoy your trip. I do hope one of you is writing down the food recipes so, we can do some of that food in Seattle when you back, Rusty, I have been doing more beer since you both left. Manly Porter style Ales and some came out very good. I hope to continue making beer in the future. I wish you both a safe visit in Brazil. We are looking forward to read more your stories of your travel. I love your photos …Keep having fun.
    Love Yaakov.

  4. Peggy Paulson said:

    Abby and Rusty–Rio sounds wonderful. I love the pictures of the Folklorico!
    Please tell Jodee we will be at P8 on Phinney at 34th St. We will look for her, but it would be nice to know where she will be—it looks like there will be hundreds of booths! Keep sending those reports–I love following your travels!
    Peggy P

  5. Anonymous said:

    Just love your beach pictures and blog—afterwards, I feel like I’ve had a mini vacation through your sharing! Thanks!

  6. Peggy Paulson said:

    The comment above wasn’t anonymous, I just didn’t fill in all the details!

  7. Peggy Paulson said:

    You are back!!! But where are you? I hope you are somewhere you can rest and recover from your journeys. Give us a call when you can. We have sooooo enjoyed your blog. Thank you so much for sharing it. I can hardly wait for the book! Much love.

  8. Dear Abby and Rusty,

    I have enjoyed your blog very much!
    In EMPIRE OF THE INCAS, PART 1 you visited Pisac and wrote this about your tour guide Ruben:
    “We were extremely fortunate to find an excellent professional guide and all-around-great guy by the name of Ruben. Ruben was a native of Pisaq and in addition had trained for five years at the tour guide academy in Cusco. Besides his native Quechua and Spanish, he spoke very good English. But to our great delight, Ruben was also a professional musician on the various traditional instruments of the Andes. He’d brought along his beautiful jacaranda-wood flute and would play soulful songs on it at just the right times and places, making the ancient stone structures echo in haunting harmony”.
    I travel a lot. I too have visited Peru and Pisaq (recently) – and was lucky enough to run into Ruben . A fantastic guide. Do you by any chance have any contact details on him. I would like to recommend him to my guides and friends in Cusco.

    Karinna Damgaard

  9. We’re so pleased that you found Ruben! His knowledge and native wisdom are amazing. I bought one of his flutes and gave it to my son. I will check with him to see if the documentation has any contact info for Ruben.

  10. I recently found this contact info for our excellent Peruvian guide and flute musician:
    Name: Rubén Escobar Alvarez
    email: ruben-music1@hotmail.com
    cell: 984.827461

  11. wilsonbonfim said:

    Hi , My name is Wilson Bonfim from Rio de Janeiro Brazil. I am a former director of Evangemed a misnitry of World Methodist Evangelism. I am researching Hugh Tucker that was pictured in the following book: Adams, Alvadee Hutton. A Good Neighbor in Brazil, biographical pamphlet on Hugh C.
    Tucker. “His story is the story of Brazil.” New York: Joint Division of Education and
    Cultivation, Board of Missions and Church Extension, Methodist Church, n.d., [ca.
    1943, based on context], 24 p.

    When I was searching I was not able to find any book avaiable online or in any University. In case you are relatives from Alvadee Hutton , would you have this book?
    Thank you
    Wilson Bonfim

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