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Enchanted Galapagos Islands

Trying to describe the other-worldly experience of visiting the Galapagos Islands taxes the talents of even a wordsmith like me. Instead, I will share with you a very small sampling of the hundreds of photos that we took on our five-day adventure. But even the task of selecting the best representatives from all our favorite shots of iguanas, sea lions, birds, tortoises, turtles, beaches, and bays proved daunting.

As background, we caught an express bus in Cuenca and headed back down the cloud-shrouded Andes to the port city of Guayaquil. Our tour package included spending the afternoon and night in a huge Hilton hotel, where we enjoyed the bounty of  American-style luxury, including catching-up on world news. The next morning we were up early to catch our flight of 600 miles out to the Galapagos islands.


Our colorful AeroGal aircraft took us quickly west across the Pacific to the airport on Baltra Island.


Day One: We crowd onto a ferry and cross to Santa Cruz Island.


Our first view of the beautiful bay at Santa Cruz Island.


Our marine iguana welcoming committee.


A big, bold male bows to us.


One of the hundreds of beautiful Sally Lightfoot crabs.

IMG 0994


The Charles Darwin Research Station: wildlife preservation and education


Our Galapagoan guide and park ranger: Juan. His love of his homeland was contageous!


Baby Galapagos tortoises raised at this station enjoy a cactus lunch.

IMG 1000

One of several 500-pound adults living at the station.


Our rare day-time sighting of a Hoary Bat.


A golden land iguana.

IMG 1204

Our red and white motor-sailer: the 60-foot Encantada.


Our dining room with seating for the 12 passengers. Every meal was outstanding!


Day Two: Relaxing on the rear deck as we motor to Floreana Island.


The Encantada under sail.


We explore Post Office Bay and some folks pick up mail to hand-delliver back home.


IMG 1025

Exploring the long, dark, lava tunnel. Remember your headlamps for here! Abby loved her swim in the cool seawater pool.

IMG 1026

IMG 1062

At Punta Cormorant, marine iguanas bask in the sun.


IMG 1061

We can’t touch the sea lions, but this one welcomes Abby!

IMG 1085

We check out a sea lion siesta.

IMG 1099

Day Three: Española Island. Juan takes us to see the Blue-Footed Booby.



A male whistles and shows off for a female.


A Nazca or Masked Booby.


A handsome couple.


Keeping baby warm.

IMG 1179

Sea Lions everywhere!

IMG 1182

The babies loved to nurse and were constantly calling for more.

IMG 1161

Swimming and sunbathing with the sea lions.

IMG 1163

A family portrait! (The best we could do without Jodee and Jonathan.)

IMG 1208

Each mom knows and loves her own youngsters.

IMG 1237

Rusty takes a closeup of this golden land iguana.



Galapagos Hawks

IMG 1283

Young male Frigate Bird practices puffing out his chest for mating.

IMG 1272

A big baby Frigate Bird!

IMG 1241

Our traveling companions enjoy a scrumptious New Year’s Eve dinner.


We sail off into the sunset.

Some of our most enjoyable Galapagos adventures involved snorkeling through colorful clouds of tropical fish, trailing sea turtles, and swimming with sea lions. However, because we didn’t have an undersea camera, we hope to include additional shots when some of our shipmates send us copies of theirs.


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